In February 2014, the RoadShows team set out to realize our vision. We were frustrated with the lack of economic opportunities for creators and makers, and we wanted locally owned businesses to have the opportunity to engage their customers in creative ways so that they could compete with big box retail as experiential retail trends emerged. We dreamt up the RoadShows platform as a tool that could immediately remove the red tape, and other barriers, between creators and retailers. We saw the collaboration between creators and local business owners as the beginning of a process that would ultimately propel local commerce to the forefront of retail — where it belongs.

Over the past two years, we have had the pleasure of working with creators and local retailers who related to our vision and gave us so much valuable feedback, while inspiring us daily with their creativity and dedication. As time moved forward, we spoke with thousands of creators, and we began to see that although our vision never wavered, the model that we created was only a realistic option for a small portion of the creators that we reached. The diversity of creators in terms of how much time they could spend engaging with customers in a retail shop, how focused they were on accessing physical retail locations in general, and where they drew the line between being a professional and being a hobbyist — were all factors. In order for RoadShows to sustain itself and to have the huge impact that we believed it could, we needed a platform that catered to more than a fraction of the creator community.

Though the RoadShows team is disappointed that this solution didn’t fit the market to the extent that we believed, we are as determined as ever to see local commerce change the face of retail and fuel local economies. We’re energized by all of the people that we’ve met over the past two years who are working hard to do so, and we’re determined to be a part of that story in some way. We’re always brainstorming in pursuit of our vision, but as of Sunday, February 7th, 2016, we will be suspending our current service and business model.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged with RoadShows to date in some way over the course of our journey. We are grateful to have worked with you, learned with you, and created with you.

The RoadShows Team